How do I hire a new employee?

To hire a new employee:

  • click on the "New Hire" link in the main menu
  • click on the "Employee" button
  • fill out the employees personal information
Remember to fill in their  personal email and not a company email - they will use that email to login to Panther and access their information even if they have left your company.
  • click "Continue"
  • start filling in the details of the job position
  • if the employee doesn't have any additional compensation clauses other than their salary in the employee agreement, leave the "contractual compensation" button set to "No" and click "Continue"
  • if the employee has contractual compensation (eg. performance bonuses, annual bonuses etc), click the "Yes" button under contractual compensation. Provide the legal language/wording you use in the employee agreement and click "Continue".
Note that you can also add commissions, bonuses, reimbursments or other additional compensation each time you run payroll.
  • choose a private healthcare plan for your employee by clicking "select plan" on one of the healthcare plan options
  • you can see the details of each plan by clicking the "Details" button on the plan
  • you can also click "Skip This Step" and choose a private healthcare plan for your employee at a later time from the Benefits tab on their profile.
  • review the details in the confirmation screen - you can edit the employment details by clicking the "Back" button
  • click "Confirm Hire" to finish the hiring process
  • You're done!
  • we will reach out to you once we've prepared a draft of the employee agreement