What are the notice periods for termination?

Notice periods, whether from employees or from employers, vary according to country.

For example, in Denmark, an employee can terminate the contract by giving one months' notice, irrespective of how long he/she has worked for the company. If the employer wishes to terminate contract, these are the notice periods to be followed:

  • 1 months' notice within the first 6 months of employment; hereafter
  • 3 months' notice through the end of the third year of employment; hereafter
  • 4 months' notice through the end of the sixth year of employment; hereafter
  • 5 months' notice through to the end of the ninth year of employment; and hereafter
  • 6 months' notice.

On the other hand, if employers want to terminate a contract with an employee based in Portugal, the notice period will depend on the justification used for terminating said contract. Portuguese employees, however, can terminate a contract with or without justification, with a minimum written notice period of 30 or 60 days, if they've worked for the company for less than 2 years or more than 2 years, respectively.

We will inform you of the required notice period and ensure that it is followed as required.