What are statutory benefits?

Statutory benefits are benefits that are legally required to provide to employees. Many countries have social security programs in place that provide compensation for those unemployed, injured on the job, sick or with disabilities. Most often contributions towards statutory benefits are made by employers and employees.

When employed through Panther's local entity, your employees are guaranteed statutory benefits in their local jurisdictions, with us handling all contributions related to these statutory benefits.

What statutory benefits are required in the location of my employees?

Statutory benefits differ from country to country and it's often a complex task to figure out. Luckily, you have Panther to do that for you.

Are there extra costs associated with statutory benefits?

We keep things transparent by displaying all contributions towards statutory benefits as part of the Total Cost of Employment (TCE), so you always know what you're paying your employees.

What more benefits do you support?

We support:

  • private health care insurance - Depends on country and coverage, charged as part of TCE
  • pension scheme - Depends on country, charged as part of TCE
  • custom benefits or perks available on request