Before onboarding a new employee with Panther, you should already have agreed with the employee on the terms of their employment.

Kicking off a new hire.

To hire a new employee, visit the New Hire tab.

When asked who you are hiring, click New Employee.

Fill out the Personal Information and Job Information sections.

Enter the Manager Information, so we know who to ask for approvals around hours and vacation.

Optionally select a private healthcare plan.

Review and confirm the information you've entered.

Introducing Panther to the employee.

Once confirmed, Panther will send an email to the employee, welcoming them to your organization and introducing them to Panther as their local administrative employer.

We'll gather a few personal pieces of information from them (home address, work permit, etc) and once they've shared everything with us, we can write-up and share a Statement of Work with your team for signature.

Drafting the employment agreement.

Now that we have everything we need, we can start working on the locally-compliant employment agreement. It usually takes us 2-3 business days to knock this out.

We'll share the agreement draft with you and your team over email to get feedback from you (and the employee). We're happy to make any changes to the document as long as it's locally-compliant.

Once everyone is comfortable with the agreement, we'll issue it with the employee to get their signature. Around the same time, our local team will coordinate with the employee to gather all their necessary documents for compliance.

That's it! ✨

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