Without Panther, hiring in a single country could cost a minimum of $80,000.

That’s because hiring abroad typically requires building or buying a local branch, registering it as a subsidiary of your headquarters, filing for local bank accounts, keeping up to date with changing labor laws and collective bargaining rights, and contracting local payroll, accounting, legal, and HR personnel. This process takes months if you're lucky, a year if you're not.

Panther eliminates the need for a local subsidiary by doing the heavy lifting on your behalf, saving both time and money.

Panther offer's a flat-fee of $499 per employee / month to employ international. For more information on our pricing, see our Pricing page.


Without Panther, contracting abroad would require you to source, screen, and hire a local law firm in each jurisdiction to create locally-compliant contracts.

Panther offers the easiest way to hire and pay contractors, anywhere in the world — and it's free.

To see all the ways we'll make your life with contractors a lot easier, see our Contracting page.

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