To create a contract, head to New Contract tab and select your contract type. Panther supports the following contract types:

  • Fixed-rate: Pay a fixed compensation every payment cycle

  • Hourly-rate: Pay based on logged hours at an hourly rate.

  • Milestone-based (coming soon): Pay per project or break it down into milestones.

  1. Choose whether you'd like to use Panther's country-specific contract agreement, or upload your own, already signed, contract.

  2. Enter a contract title. A job title is commonly used here.

  3. Define the scope of work (not required if uploading your own contract)

  4. Choose a start date

  5. Enter the compensation rate, the payment frequency, and payday

  6. Enter details about the contract end date, if there is one, and a notice period

  7. Enter the contractor details

  8. Select the signing authority on your side.

  9. Sign the agreement and invite the contractor to sign.

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