Both parties can terminate a contract in certain conditions:

  • If both parties have signed and the start date has passed.

  • If the end date is met, the contract will be automatically terminated.

To terminate a contract, head to the Contracts tab and select the contract.

  • From the contract menu ("three dots" button located top right on the page) choose Terminate Contract.

  • Click "Initiate contract termination" in the confirmation modal.

Depending on the contract's notice period, you may have to schedule the contract termination for a later date. A final invoice will be generated on the end date of the contract, pro-rated if necessary.

Both parties will receive an email, informing them that termination has been initiated.

Once contract termination has been initiated, the contract will automatically end after the termination period has passed.

Contracts which have ended are moved to the Archived list with an Ended status. Both parties will receive an email that the contract has ended.

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