Contractors are paid near the end of each work cycle, once an invoice has been generated for the work that's been done.

If the contract is fixed-rate, we're able to automatically generate invoices on behalf of contractors five days before the work period ends.

If a contract is based on an hourly-rate, we remind the contractor at the end of the work period to enter the total hours worked, and optionally upload a related time-sheet if they have one. Once they enter this information, we automatically generate the invoice on their behalf.

You have the option to pay invoices individually or to pay multiple invoices through our mass pay feature.

To pay invoices:

  • Go to the Pay Contractors page.

  • Choose all the invoices you want to pay and click Pay Selected Invoices.

  • Choose a funding method.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions and make a transfer to Panther using your chosen funding method.

  • If you're using a bank transfer method as payment, after completing the transfer, click "I have transferred the funds."

As soon as Panther receives the funds, the underlying invoices will be considered paid.

Come pay day (the last day of the work period), assuming Panther has received the funds, the balance becomes available in the contractor's Panther balance and we'll immediately initiate the payout to the Contractors using their preferred payout method.

Depending on the payout method a contractor chooses, withdrawals can take between 15 minutes to 5 business days.

  • 15 minutes or less to bank accounts that support real-time payments in 40+ jurisdictions (including all of Europe, some of Asia + LatAm)

  • All other bank transfers take 1-5 business days.

  • Our team is currently developing more options for faster withdrawal methods for contractors like instant crypto payouts (late 2022), and instant debit card funding (2023).

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